You Have to See it: Hamlet Live

Malfi Productions is thrilled to announce a new transmedia theatre co-op, Hamlet Live, a unique retelling of the world’s most famous play. Set to burst onto the stage in downtown Toronto in January 2012, the play will also be streamed live on the internet, for international viewership.

In 2080, the world is quite a different place. Violent solar flares in the early 21st Century triggered an unparalleled nuclear meltdown across the globe. Denmark has done well under the martial leadership of King Hamlet, though his sudden passing has left a nation in mourning. His brother, Claudius, has stepped forth and assumed the crown and the former King’s Queen, Gertrude. It is during this transition that we find the young Hamlet, a warrior prince and imperial candidate by his own right, trying to find the means to avenge his father’s murder.

One of the first productions of its kind in Canada (and in many parts of the world), Hamlet Live, using a multi-camera set up, will broadcast live on the internet, bringing the vengeful Dane to internet users world wide for a fraction of the cost of attending a live performance. With sets of stationary and roaming cameras, a simulcast control room director will be on-hand to edit the show as it progresses for live broadcast.

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Special shout-out to CFC Media Lab alumnus Justin Ferrato who is the multi-camera simulcast producer/Control Room Director!

Who’s involved:


Directed by: Kurt Spenrath
Hamlet: Kyle McDonald
Claudius: Ralph Small
Gertrude: Suzanne Bennett
Polonius: Scott McCulloch
Laertes: Kevin Robinson
Ophelia: Erynn Brook
Horatio: Luke Marty
Rosencrantz: Devin Upham
Guildenstern: Phil Borg

Stage Manager: Lindsey Alston
Technical Director: Travis Lahay

Wardrobe: Lindsey Alston
Set: Kurt Spenrath/Travis Lahay

Composer: Erica Procunier
Choreography: Kevin Robinson and Max Toulch


Multi-camera simulcast producer/Control Room Director: Justin Ferrato
“Behind The Scenes” Videographer and Photographer: Sam Sadaghiani
Professional Materials Photographer: Christos Tsirbas
Sr Graphic Designer: Mike Turnbull
Social Media Manager: Dani Gagnon

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  • Kyle McDonald

    Hey everyone! Please see for the updated production credits! And don’t forget to check out the video on demand while you’re there!