Job Posting: Mobile Application Developer

Job Description: Mobile Application Developer, Toronto

EDAC is looking for a highly skilled multi-platform mobile application developer to build the first version, and potentially future versions, of Quinzee a mobile application that makes energy use relevant. This is a contract position that will last the duration of the development of the first version of Quinzee.

This project would be a good opportunity for someone already programming in Sencha Touch 2 to add a very exciting application to his or her portfolio. It would also be a great way for an experienced Adobe Flash, and specifically Adobe Flex, developer to retrain and build a best-in-class application for their portfolio on a fast-growing crossplatform development tool.


  1. Understand application’s objectives through discussion with the founders and by interpreting the already completed design brief, wireframes, and graphics.
  2. Develop, from the ground up, the application on the Sencha Touch 2 platform (for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry), including design, development and debugging
  3. Test the application on all platforms and outline limitations and potential issues
  4. Be available for product maintenance for a reasonable amount of time upon completion of the project

Knowledge And Skill Requirements

  • Experience working with PhoneGap or Sencha Touch 2 or other multi-platform development tools
  • If not the above, experience developing in Adobe Flash, and particularly Adobe Flex
  • Experience with social media APIs and API structure language
  • Familiarity with relational database concepts

Education And Experience

  • Undergraduate degree, preferably in Computer Science, Information Systems, Computer Engineering or a related field
  • Masters degree in computer science or a related field preferred
  • At least two years developing mobile applications, at least one of which is awesome
  • Experience designing simple and compelling user experiences on a mobile

Good Qualities To Have

  • Attention to detail
  • A desire to build a game changing application that users will love
  • An appreciation for the visual arts, social networking and mobile social gaming


Compensation will be determined based on the successful candidate’s level of experience and the work schedule agreed upon.

About Environmental Data Analytics & Communications (EDAC)

EDAC is a software-as-a-service company that builds systems that educate and influence individuals to improve resource management and system efficiencies.

If you are interested, please email:

Lee Bremer, Director, Systems Design, or
Faizal Karmali, Director, Commercial Development,