Super Hero, Smoky Mountain, 2008

Super Hero, Smoky Mountain, 2008

CFC Media Lab Alumni Andrew Mallis has created a street level installation that allows viewers to have Mateo Guez’ images delivered virtually to their mobile phones.

OFF WORLD     Mateo Guez

Please join us for the opening reception for “Off World”, an installation of images and videos by Mateo Guez part of the 2009 Contact Toronto Photography Festival.

Mateo Guez eloquently captures the lives of children who live, work and play in Smoky Mountain. One of the world’s worst slums, where entire families scavenge to survive, Smoky Mountain is a mound of refuse outside of Manila, in the central Philippines, named after the methane-heavy mist hovering over it.

Guez shows us children whose wonderment and joy transcend a backdrop of extreme adversity. We cannot help but re-examine our quest for meaning in objects faced with the reality of those who have less than nothing and live off the excess of others.

Our view of the world changed with the invention of the camera, and with each new technological advancement in photography our relationship to the observable world is redefined. Kodak’s Brownie changed the way we photograph by bringing the camera into the homes of everyday people; the Polaroid camera gave us the near-instantaneous image; the digital camera engendered infinitely manipulable multiples, re-broadcasted and shared. Guez challenges our preconceptions of the camera by using his Motorola Z10 mobile phone as an extension of his body to frame his direct experience.

In a street-level installation designed by Andrew Mallis, viewers can engage in a unique forum with Guez’s video wall while stills are delivered virtually to their mobile phones. The gallery is immaterial and the image, though multiple, is personal; both exist in the intimate, yet social, spaces now extended by mobile media.
Curated by Sanaz Mazinani.

MAY 1 – 31
Opening Reception MAY 2, 2 – 5PM

1028 Queen Street West, Toronto  M6J 1H6
24-hour street-level installation
(416) 504-0575

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